We designed our products to solve your audio automation needs and we’re committed to achieving just that. Check out our frequently asked questions below.

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Emotion Systems

Getting Started

Our evaluation download is either an exe installer on Windows, or a pkg installer on Mac. In either case, double click the downloaded installer and accept default choices where possible.

On Windows, the software is installed into your Program Files folder, and on Mac the app is placed into your Applications folder.

Both versions install a license into a shared folder on the computer and place a profiles database and supporting files into a separate folder in your shared folder.


The first time you try to run any of our products and after the installation process is completed, you will be presented with a screen which contains a “request number”.

  • If installing a 10-day Evaluation there is a single empty box where an “activation code” will need to be entered to complete the Evaluation licensing.
  • If installing a Production version then there are two empty boxes. The first empty box is for the “activation code” and the second empty box is where you need to enter the “serial Number”.

For each case, you will need to send the “request number” via email to . Once received, Emotion Support will create and return to you the “activation code”.
The serial number is also required for the Production installation. This will be on the delivery note which would have been supplied when the Emotion product was purchased. For Production, Emotion Support will also supply a feature licence file that will need to be applied post activation to enable the features purchased.

Latest Releases Notes

The latest and chronological release of Eff can be found in the following document.


Hardware Specification

Operating Systems (64bit) Window 10/11, Server 2016/2019/2022
Mac OS 10.13 onwards
CPU Intel silicon only, quad core i7 forth generation processor
Recommended RAM 8GB - short-form content
16GB - long-form content
Disks OS & Application disk and dedicated Eff disk
1 TB 7200 RPM or faster disk or recommend SSD
Display 1920 x 1080 minimum
Connectivity 1Gbps Ethernet


Please click here to view the latest Eff manual. 

Download latest manual

Contact Support

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Eff configuration files for support

The following files maybe requested by support during the fault finding process. 

  • C:\Users\Public\EmotionData\Database\emotion_profiles_eight.db
  • C:\Users\Public\EmotionData\Database\emotion_settings.db
  • C:\Users\Public\EmotionData\Preferences\eFF.ini
  • Users/Shared/EmotionData/Database/emotion_profiles_eight.db
  • Users/Shared/EmotionData/Database/emotion_settings.db
  • Users/Shared/EmotionData/Preferences/eFF.ini


Download our FAQ document here.


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