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ZEE is a global entertainment company based in Mumbai, India. The company launched India’s first private satellite channel, ZEE TV, in 1992 and now reaches 1.3 billion viewers around the world through its broadcast, digital, cinema and live event platforms.

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Initially ZEE TV approached Emotion Systems in search of a way to manage true peak loudness for their domestic content. This requirement quickly expanded to include the preparation of content for overseas distribution to comply to the R128 loudness standard as well as short form and cinema content for the wider group.

The Solution

  • Engine

Emotion Systems has provided ZEE with 2 Engines which are installed at their creative centre for global distribution in Mumbai. Both systems run a variety of modules including loudness correction, track mapping and conditional workflows. The modules and workflows implemented are primarily centred around the measurement and correction of loudness across and into a variety of formats.

Depending on the type of content and processing required, workflows are triggered in Engine using Eclient, watch folders or through a specially built connector with ZEE’s Telestream Vantage system. Engine also provides the ability to prioritise tasks via a “do next” function and by placing urgent content into a priority folder to jump the queue. These features illustrate the flexibility of the automation system required for audio processing across ZEE’s commercial, cinema and episodic content.

Challenges & Customisations

The ZEE and Emotion Systems teams conducted an extensive testing and development project to optimise Engine to meet ZEE’s unique domestic, international, and multi-platform requirements. Particular attention was given to ensuring that the dialogue in cinema content wasn’t compromised during loudness correction, and Emotion modified Engine’s loudness range processor to provide 4 easy-to-apply settings customised to suit ZEE’s content and delivery standards without requiring a highly skilled team of operators.


Engine is now used to correct loudness for all ZEE TV’s overseas content and much of their promo and commercial material. The entertainment giant has also subsequently bought six more Engines – one for each of their regional stations – to automate loudness correction for local content.

Comment from Emotion Systems

...Emotion Systems work with customers to optimise our products

This project is a good example of how Emotion Systems work with customers to optimise our products so that we can solve their unique challenges. The off-the-shelf version of Engine is a powerful audio automation tool, but a small investment in customising the solution delivers massive cost and time saving benefits.

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