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  • Dubbing & Subtitling

Founded in 1933, TITRAFILM is the original French cinema dubbing and subtitling company. The company now also services festivals, television, and online content and has expanded their products to include subtitling for the deaf and hard of hearing and audio descriptions. It also contributes to the digitisation and restoration of film heritage.

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TITRAFILM works with a variety of broadcasters and technology platforms (both externally and internally) that have different input and output configurations. Historically they used manual workflows to solve these challenges, but the advent of online content significantly increased their volume of work.

The company needed an automated solution that would allow them to retain their high-quality approach to localisation and access services.

TITRAFILM initially approached Emotion Systems looking for a Dolby E encoding and decoding services but now relies on Emotion products for a host of audio automation services including loudness, remixing, pitch correction and harmonising.

The Solution

  • Engine
  • 10.0

Emotion Systems supplied TITRAFILM with an Engine which has been integrated with their Vantage MAM as a workflow manager. The company uses 25 watch folders to facilitate the 60+ workflows they have implemented – ranging from simple automations to complex processes. The sound studio uses watch folder workflows for automated loudness compliance and audio embeds, while workflows running through Vantage can include multiple runs in Engine – a single piece of content may first be put through varispeed, returned to Vantage, and then the mixed file could be returned to Engine for Dolby E encoding.

Results & Achievements

TITRAFILM processes hundreds of hours of content through Engine every month, with files ranging from 10 minutes to 2 hours in duration.

The Emotion Systems team provide regular support for specific project requirements, preparing and testing workflows and providing modular parameters to meet TITRA’s unique needs.  Remote access to Engine means that, even during lockdown, TITRA’s technician was able to access the system to prepare workflows and generate reports from a distance. 

Comment from Emotion Systems

...the output is reliable and of a high quality.

The increase in online content and global storytelling means that workloads for companies like TITRAFILM are increasing, but resources aren’t. Automating non-creative processes can help but only if the output is reliable and of a high quality. As TITRAFILM discovered, Engine delivers on all these fronts.

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