Emotion Verification Engine

Emotion Verification Engine (Eve) is a software product designed to display broadcast-ready files in native resolution. Not only this, but Eve can also display loudness errors for PCM audio as well as various Encoded audio formats. The software assists human QC by showing all the various audio information within your files.

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Emotion Systems
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Analyse & Verify

Eve follows three steps to help you manage loudness requirements.

  • We start by measuring the audio levels in the source file and comparing those with preconfigured profiles based on your deliverable requirements.
  • These levels can then be adjusted up or down to meet your program loudness target and saved as a new, corrected file – while maintaining the quality of the original creative mix.
  • Whether you’ve chosen to simply measure loudness or to measure and correct the levels in your chosen files, reporting is a critical part of the process. Graphs and logs showing where files have failed to meet the deliverable requirements, and what actions have been taken to correct them, are displayed in Eff’s interface and can be exported as PDF reports and XML log files.

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Eve Displays

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    Native Video

    Eve has the ability to display SD, HD 4K and UHD broadcast standard files. The operator can also assess video quality on a seperate monitor to the audio.

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    Encoded Audio

    Listening to encoded audio can pose a challenge. With Eve the operator can quickly load in an encoded file and display and listen to its contents without having to load this file into an edit-suite.

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    Eve can analyse your content against a chosen Loudness standard and show if your content falls out of tolerance. You can view the Loudness information via in-built Loudness meters and or on a Loudness Timeline underneath your content. Allowing the user to see exactly where there has been a Loudness error.

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    Audio Focused

    Analyse up to 64 channels of audio by selecting display waveforms. This allows you to view discrete channels of audio and zoom into areas of concern. Eve also provides a variety of listening options such as, binaural, balanced and additive.

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    Across all operating systems

    Eve is compatiable with Windows, Mac and Linux platforms.

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    Eve can open IMF packages and displays the relevant contents.

Case studies

Eve opens media files and displays:

Various channel layouts

Encoded Audio (Dolby E, Dolby Digital (Plus) and (AAC)

Video in native resolution


Loudness Measurements and Timeline (after exporting Loudness XML from Eff and Engine)

Eve Features

  • View

    • Video Player
    • Audio Player
    • Audio Waveforms
    • Loudness Timeline
    • Loudness Meters
    • Loudness Values
  • Functionality

    • Audio
    • Video
    • Metadata
  • Loudness

    • Analysis
    • Dialogue Intelligence
    • Custom Profile Setup
  • Filetypes

    • MXF
    • MOV
    • MP4
    • WAV


Struggling to verify your audio content?

Our software makes it easy to indentify audio properties of your files.

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