The enterprise solution to file-based audio automation

Engine is your answer to audio automation at scale.

Ideally suited to broadcast and playout applications or large post-production facilities, Engine is a file-based, flexible, and scalable audio software platform that makes time-consuming audio processing tasks quick and easy.

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Emotion Systems
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Automates almost any (non-creative) audio process.

Renowned for providing a high-performance solution to loudness compliance without affecting the master video file, Engine also automates a range of other repetitive audio processing tasks for content preparation, distribution, and delivery. The wide range of modules can be bought and used individually or combined to create automated workflows.

Some of Engine’s audio automation modules include:

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    Upmix and Downmix

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    Dolby E encoding & decoding

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    Channel mapping

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    Pitch correction

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    Audio Description

Full library of modules

Scales dynamically

It’s easy for anyone in your organisation to access Engine. Broadcasters that need to process high volumes of content quickly can expand the Engine system to support multiple processors and modules running concurrently, while post houses can use our Eclient to share one Engine between multiple operators that need to process smaller jobs, and each user retains control of their own files at all times.

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Manages multiple workflows easily

From simple processes to complex automations that cover different applications, multiple processing stages and a number of inputs and outputs, Engine makes it easy to create and execute audio processing workflows.


Design automated workflows without the need for customised scripts.


Execute using watch folders, Engine’s API, or our Eclient.


Maintain the creative integrity of your master file with Engine’s Signal Processor application which unwraps the audio from media files, applies your chosen processes and then rewraps the audio, preserving the original video and metadata content.


Manage your project with Engine’s job management system, Eflow, which registers jobs, assigns resources to complete the workflows and provides status updates throughout the process.

Our workflow

From Loudness, to Dolby Encode, to Channel Mapping, we provide a fully streamlined workflow. Through this, we can develop an efficient audio automation solution for your processes, tailored to your requirements.

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Integrates seamlessly & easily

Using the ReST API, our software can be easily integrated with MAM systems such as:

  • Telestream Vantage
  • Aspera Orchestrator
  • MAM (Tedial, TMD & more)
  • Media Supply Chains (SDVI, BLAM, FooEngine, Media SaaS)

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Download the brochure

Click here for more detailed information about Engine.

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Controls flexibly

Engine puts your team in charge of your workflows.

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    Instant automation efficiency.

    In addition to easily integrating with MAM systems, Engine can also run automated workflows independently using watch folders. With 4 watch folders as standard and the ability to upgrade to 64 watch folders per Engine, even large organisations can get up and running quickly.

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    Access across your local network.

    Engine can process media located anywhere on your network without having to bring the content to the station in a separate process. If your computer can see the content, Engine can process it.

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    Manage jobs and monitor progress.

    The unique combination of Eflow, Eclient and watch folders allows a large number of users to share Engine to post new jobs for processing, monitor watch folders and processing queues, reassign job priorities and view reports for completed projects.

Works easily

With Engine, you don’t need expensive post-production equipment or highly skilled staff to complete repetitive audio processing tasks. Engine makes audio automation accessible with.

  • A user-friendly interface
  • An intuitive workflow builder
  • A cross platform application (Engine runs on Windows, Mac & Linux)
  • A software-based license to support virtual machines
  • Support for all popular audio file formats and international loudness standards
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On-prem or in the cloud

Engine was originally developed as an on-prem solution that takes audio processing out of the edit suite and into the control room. While this on-prem solution is still extremely popular, Engine is now also available in the cloud as a microservice integrated into leading media supply chain platforms.

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Comprehensive support

We designed Engine to solve your audio automation needs and we’re committed to achieving just that.

Our Engine clients benefit from upfront consultations, training and support at no extra cost to ensure that we provide a solution rather than just a product.

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    Introduction to Engine


Spending too much time in the edit suite?

Engine automates repetitive audio processing tasks, leaving you with more time and money for creative work.

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