05 Feb

What the playout engineer said…

What the playout engineer said…

“You mean you can do loudness and then do the Dolby encoding and then do some other audio processing, too? Like upmix? And can you add language tags too?

That was the start of a fun conversation with an engineer at a playout facility just the other day. So we talked about workflows and automation for all types of file-based audio processing.

And the next bit of the conversation went something like this...

Him: Can I control the Engine from Telestream Vantage?

Me: Yes, that’s part of the control we offer with Engine. You can get the connector from Telestream. You can also concurrently use watchfolders and also post jobs from your MAM system.

Him: And can I scale it?

Me: Engine was designed to be scalable – we have clients who use if to process anything from 200 – 2,500 hours a week using a single workstation. For redundancy, our clients often use 2 Engines to share the load and still allow operation in the event of one of the workstations going down.

Engine Consists Of Graphic

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