23 Mar

Lockdown Doesn’t Mean Shutdown


When we reflect on the past few weeks and consider the future, it seems evident that the changes in how we live and work are more significant than any advance in technology.

With so many of our homes and offices situated in crowded cities, the (partial?) work-from-home model may become the new normal. But many of us still need to address challenges such as social distancing while commuting to work on public transport or maintaining safe practices in the workplace.

As we talk with customers and suppliers in our industry, we feel the most important consideration is how to build a business model that can support this change and help them adjust to and adapt to the new normal. We have both the willingness and the technical and business agility to help!

At Emotion, we are fortunate enough to have a software technology and an agile and flexible culture that allows us to work closely with customers and provide solutions to suit their changing requirements.

So, rather than worry about the next trade show and how we’re going to meet up with customers — live or virtual — we’re focusing on direct communication and engaged in a manner that suits their individual requirement. We strongly endorse a personalised relationship.

If you’re already a customer of ours, you’re familiar with how we engage. Leveraging the flexibility of automated audio processing of media files, we work with you as your environment and business needs change.

Over the past month or so, we’ve afforded some of that flexibility to customers who have said, “We need to scale up because the live content has gone away. We need to process more files. And we don’t even have time to go through a purchase process.” Facing these challenges in the here and now, they needed immediate solutions. So we talked, agreed a price, and got them started whilst the paperwork caught up.

This approach may be unfamiliar to many businesses, where corporate processes take time, and planning is for the long term. But the reality is that we’re all going to be working in new ways. We already are! Business models and operational models are changing, and they are changing quickly. Immediate fulfillment is the new mantra as is flexibility.

We have built and refined our technology to address the specific challenges facing customers, and now the job is to apply that technology to support new ways of working. Customers who want to do a CapEx model can do that. Others interested in OpEx can opt for a pay-per-use model, either short- or long-term.

In fact, just the other day, a customer came to us needing several thousand hours of content that needed processing, and fast. The scale was such that CapEx was not a feasible option. Our flexible approach allowed us to offer a business solution that met their needs and our R&D worked with them to integrate the solution in a very short timeframe.

If our stories and experiences resonate with your needs, and you’re interested in hearing a bit more about how our customers are using our technology to move forward in changing times, join our webinar on 26 May, “File-based audio: Remote working for the new and unpredictable future.”

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