02 Jul

IBC – of gin and joints

IBC – of gin and joints

I was reading the Devoncroft report and noted a quote that read, “We want as fine-grained media services as possible… it’s very common to have a company say ‘we do it all’… we can QC the video, transcode it, caption alight it, normalize the audio… What we don’t want to do is feed things into a giant vertically scaled monolith process that does the whole thing…that’s not modular and does not give us the flexibility that we desire.”


And that got me thinking about choices and why we make them. Whist in Amsterdam, I wouldn’t drink my gin in the same place as one might look for joints.

What I love about Amsterdam is that they serve their gin completely differently from the usual G&T. As for the joints – that’s it’s a totally far out experience, as I’m sure most people who visit Amsterdam will know. Audio from Emotion can be an exquisite joint. We carefully design our algorithms to ensure the best results and user experience to brew the fanciest cocktail of workflows.


Here’s a sample of our ingredients:

  • Perfect pitch correction
  • Loudness compliance
  • 2 to 64 channel processing
  • Automate your file processing
  • Channel labels
  • Upmix, downmix
  • QT, MOV, moov atoms…

What makes us different is the attention to detail. We put a lot of love and care into what we do. And we listen to you – the customer – because we’re not going to give you the trip of a lifetime unless we listen.

So, see you in Amsterdam and join us for a drink in the evening on our stand 6.C28v. As for the joints, I just don’t do them. Or, if you won’t be at IBC, let’s set up a time to screen share – we’ll bring the best of the best right to you.

IBC Stand 6.C28

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