29 Sep

File-based processing… IP’s poor cousin? (Even though it handles 4K)

File-based processing… IP’s poor cousin? (Even though it handles 4K)

Everyone is trying to bring in IP based solutions, and it seems like a lot of perception is that IP is new, but really, it’s been around for a long time. The two strands of IP to my mind are real time use of IP, and non real time use. Every broadcaster has an infrastructure for doing file-based work (edit suites, promo generation, and content repackaging.)

Traditional broadcasters work along real time delivery, live events, even transmission. You watch what they transmit right now. This is really where much of the focus of SMPTE 2020 and 2110 is, and I think that’s causing a lot of excitement.

Non-linear delivery is where some major innovation’s occurring because broadcasters realize that there’s an awful lot of content that people want to watch when they want.

We have huge infrastructure issues to resolve from the broadcast point of view that people like Netflix don’t have. They put up a few more servers and can deliver whatever they want. If you go round BBC or some big installation like that, there’s massive infrastructure and that can inhibit their agility, so automation is the key.

What’s so different now? In the past people used to do everything by hand in the edit suite. Now people have so much more content to process and more regulation, but now there’s technology and software that can do these things for you and it’s become cost effective.

In the file-based domain video processing is very well understood and there are a lot of tools already available. However, most people acknowledge that when it comes to audio they have to do an awful lot of mundane, repeatable tasks in the edit suite. This is what inspired us to build the Engine.

Emotion Systems Engine automates your audio processing:

  • Loudness Compliance
  • Playout
  • Dolby E Applications
  • Channel Mapping and Muting
  • Channel Replacement or Extraction
  • Commentary Track or AD Solutions
  • Video on Demand (VOD) Solutions

There’s a new urgency to have automated processing for your audio because of the huge increase in the amount of content that has to be processed and the regulations on the audio. You can solve your compliance needs, versioning requirements, and add efficiency in the process.

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