22 Jun

Engine crosses the chasm

Engine crosses the chasm

It began with Eff

“What people do with tapes, they will want to do with files.” This simple idea has formed the basis of our technology. When we started, loudness was a dominant topic and our early conversations with customers led to us designing our first product, Eff. Back then, post houses ‘The Mill’ and ‘Smoke and Mirrors’ were our drivers and impressed upon us the need to keep it simple-to-use and to provide feedback in terms of graphs and reports. For our part, we invented an algorithm that preserved the creative mix and still provide loudness correction.


As people started using Eff they planted the thought: “Now you can analyze and process audio in media files (MXF, QT) without touching the video and metadata, why not do more with the audio?” This set the direction in terms of adding processing options. Our conversations with Dolby led us to add Dolby E support; NHK asked us to extract and replace audio; and Ericsson required multiple workflows that involved Loudness, track map, Dolby E, all controlled by a MAM. To top it all, they also needed to process a large volume of multiple files simultaneously.

So, you get the picture. Our simple vision was executed by the brains department in our company and guided and driven by really smart customers with demanding needs. The end product is Engine – which will be show cased with its latest features at IBC.

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