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Licencing for...

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Emotion Systems




Eff uses a software licensing scheme.

All versions of Eff have a licence menu. The options vary depending on whether you are using evaluation software, or have purchased a full licence. 


Evaluation Licences

Extend Licence

The Eff Evaluation licence is valid for 10 days. Under special circumstances, it is possible to extend the duration of an evaluation. Please contact for details.

Eff Extend Licence


Eval Options

This dialog lets you enable or disable different options during an evaluation.

When you start the evaluation, you can set additional options which are reflected as licenced features. Here are the default screens prior to evaluating features. These features are enabled by ticking the corresponding boxes, this will give you a chance to try the different features and see which you need.


Measure                                  Comply

Eff Measure Comply



Permanent Licence

Eff Perm Licence

When the Permanent Licence Eff installer is used, you are prompted to do the initial activation, and the Eff application can only be opened once this is completed.


Licence Data

When the Permanent Licence Engine installer is used, you are prompted to do the initial activation. The Engine-Configurator application can only be opened once this is completed.

 Eff Licence Data

This displays information on the Eff licence, including the Serial Number and the Request Number. If you have to contact Emotion Systems with any licence questions, you will need to provide this information.


Licence Features


Licenced features are added by supplying a features file in the form as an XML file. These are customer specific and are supplied when Eff is purchased or upgraded.

After Eff has been activated the next step is to apply the initial features XML file. This will be supplied in the same email as the activation code.

Once Eff is started, the user will need to go to Licence > Licence Features.

 Eff Licence Features

Make Sure you can access the features XML file, click on the 'Import' button.

Navigate and select the XML file. 

Eff features enabled

And then click on 'Apply'.

Eff will then update its Features Status and display the licensed options that have been enabled. 

Eff Features status


This dialog displays a list of all possible options and shows which you currently have enabled. If you have purchased additional options after the initial purchase, this dialog is used to activate them.

 Eff Licence Data Green writing

If new features are purchased a feature xml file will be issued by . That file will need to be applied using the same process as when the initial feature was installed.


Block Licence

Eff block licence

This dialog is used to block the licence on the current computer, as a prelude to moving the licence to a new computer. Before blocking the licence, open the Licence Data dialog and take a screenshot of that information. Then, after confirming that you wish to block the licence, a window opens displaying two numbers. You will need to send those two numbers to Emotion Systems, in order to free up the licence for reinstallation. Contact before doing this procedure. If you open this dialog inadvertently, remember to click the ‘Exit’ button, not the ‘Block’ button.


Activation Data

This displays information relating to your license. Note however that only the first 20 or so digits of your serial number are displayed. Do not use this part serial number when installing and re-licensing on to a new computer, as only the original and full serial number will work. The full serial number is shown on your original delivery note, and copies of this are available on request from

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