15 Aug

Really, what is Immersive Audio?

Really, what is Immersive Audio?

In a recent contribution to Audio Express, CEO MC of Emotion Systems delves into the realm of Immersive Audio technologies, providing a detailed examination of its technical foundations and potential applications. With a focus on delivering factual insights, this article serves as a comprehensive guide to understanding the transformative nature of Immersive Audio.

The article commences with a historical overview of audio technology, tracing its evolution from monophonic to stereophonic sound and ultimately to the immersive experiences that are now emerging. MC highlights the progression from traditional channel-based audio to object-based audio, where individual sound elements can be precisely placed and moved within a three-dimensional soundstage. As expected, with new Immersive Audio technologies emerging, new problems need to be addressed. This article provides a summary of these challenges and how Emotion Systems are addressing them.

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You can read the article here or on their website: https://audioxpress.com/

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