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Emotional About Audio

Emotional About Audio

Join the 21-day #EmotionalAboutAudio challenge

Audio plays a vital part in the media and entertainment industry, but it’s often underappreciated and not given the recognition it deserves. That’s why we’re calling on all audio enthusiasts to take up our #EmotionalAboutAudio challenge and show your love for the audio side of the industry. 

Kicking off on April 4th, we're inviting you to take part in 21 days of social posts to help everyone get excited about audio in the lead up to NAB [link: https://nabshow.com/2022/]. They say it takes 21 days to form a habit, so let’s get everyone hooked on audio appreciation by flooding social media with posts that are #EmotionalAboutAudio!

What is the #EmotionalAboutAudio 21-day challenge?

The challenge is simple – we’ve created a list of 21 questions about audio - ranging from your favourite movie soundtrack and favourite voice in showbiz, through to the strangest audio job you’ve ever worked on – and we’re asking you to share your answers on social media from 4th to 25th April 2022. Here’s the graphic to include in your #EmotionalAboutAudio posts:


Don’t worry if you don’t feel like posting on all 21 days – it’s a movement, not a competition! We’d love to read your answers every day, but you can also just pick the days and topics that you’re most excited to talk about.

Plus, we’ll be sharing and commenting on our favourite posts on the Emotion Systems LinkedIn feed [link: https://www.linkedin.com/company/emotion-systems/] so you won’t miss out.

Getting involved in #EmotionalAboutAudio

It’s easy to take part – just share one answer per post, include the hashtag #EmotionalAboutAudio, and don’t forget to attach the graphic with the list of questions, so that your friends can get involved too. Scroll down to see the 21 topics, and get involved where you can to help spread the love for audio. Make sure to tag us [link: https://www.linkedin.com/company/emotion-systems/] in your posts!

Getting people excited about audio

The #EmotionalAboutAudio challenge was designed by the audio automation experts at Emotion Systems. MC Patel, Emotion Systems’ CEO, explains the motivation behind the campaign, “At Emotion Systems, we see the passion and craft that goes into the audio side of productions, but events like NAB tend to focus on the visual aspect of the industry. We wanted to raise the profile of audio in the run up to the industry’s biggest annual event.”

He adds, “Audio plays such an important role in media, but it often feels a bit like the forgotten stepchild! With this 21-day challenge we want to get the rest of the industry to appreciate the value of audio as much as we do.

Scroll down for a text version of the 21 topics. 

21 days of #EmotionalAboutAudio posts:  

  • Day 1 - What is your favourite movie soundtrack?
  • Day 2 - Tell us your audio pet peeve.
  • Day 3 - Share a pic of your audio setup / tools of the trade.  
  • Day 4 - What’s your favourite publication or go-to for information about the audio industry?  
  • Day 5 - What advice would you give someone considering your career? 
  • Day 6 - What’s the strangest (ideally audio related) job you’ve ever worked on? 
  • Day 7 - Name a tool or product that you couldn’t work without.     
  • Day 8 - Name your favourite podcast and tell us why it’s worth a listen.  
  • Day 9 - Who is your audio industry idol?  
  • Day 10 - What audio organisations, associations or groups would you recommend others join?   
  • Day 11 - What’s the best foreign language film or series you’ve seen?  
  • Day 12 - The best voice in showbiz goes to….  
  • Day 13 - Tell us about the biggest mistake you’ve ever made on an #audioproject (and how you fixed it)  
  • Day 14 - Share an image that only an #audiophile will find impressive.  
  • Day 15 - If you could only listen to one music track for the rest of your life, what would it be? 
  • Day 16 - Automation in the industry: ? or ??  Discuss  
  • Day 17 - How would you explain what you do to your gran?  
  • Day 18 - What is the best and worst part of working ‘in audio’? 
  • Day 19 - What is your favourite industry event & why?   
  • Day 20 - Who would you like to hear speak at an industry event?  
  • Day 21 - What makes you proud to say you work in the audio industry?  
  • Bonus question - what makes you #EmotionalAboutAudio?
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