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Emotion Systems: Who are we and what can we do for you?

Emotion Systems: Who are we and what can we do for you?

Emotion Systems is the natural partner of any company involved in media distribution. We are the company that solves your audio problems from ingest to distribution. With more than thirty years in the M&E industry, we have grown from beginnings in loudness management to specialists in complete audio workflows that can be automated to save time and money.
Our flagship solution, Engine, automates the analysis, reporting and fixing of common audio problems, brings measurable operational efficiencies and increases productivity.

Customers include: 

  • Film production companies 
  • Television production companies
  • Sound post-production studios
  • Broadcast networks and stations 
  • Streaming Services
  • Remixing remote news content 
  • Digitising and re-purposing archives 

Our focus is to remove repetitive and semi-skilled tasks from an edit suite freeing up skilled operators to get on with tasks that add more value to the organisation. The extraordinary number of variations in media presented to any facility is a huge challenge and applies to video and audio. Ingesting audio is much more complex than just analysing the loudness and with the move towards immersive audio formats, the number of items that need to be checked and corrected before storage, has grown exponentially.

A playout centre is confronted with a nightmare scenario. The material could be shot on anything from a mobile phone up to a full broadcast camera and the audio could be anything from mono to Dolby Atmos®. A variety of media, both current and legacy, could be presented with a dozen or so different file formats with embedded or discrete audio tracks arranged in different orders. The number of variations could exceed 60 and ensuring the track layout is consistent is vitally important. It is also likely that a larger facility will be handling a huge number of files which would put a severe strain on the edit suite and require 24/7 operation.

A fully automated MAM-controlled workflow is a solution that has been adopted by major customers worldwide. Once the analysis is completed, there will be a requirement to “normalise”, or fix, the audio content so that the MAM is storing a known configuration. Keeping the creative integrity of the content is paramount during any processing and the algorithms used retain the features of the original mix.

Once you have a report confirming what is present, what processes are needed to make the file compliant with the “house” standard and to conform to local or international regulations? How do you ensure that the original audio mix is not compromised by any additional processing? If your client wants a surround version of a stereo original, how is that achieved? How do you preserve precious metadata from the original through the various processes with the ability to add to it as needed? How do you convert from the “house” format to comply with a client’s delivery requirements? There could be dozens of different versions with alternative languages and a variety of sound requirements depending on the final delivery format.

The good news is that Emotion Systems has the expertise, passion and technology to answer those questions and by adopting a scalable and modular approach to the workflow, we can meet customers’ requirements regardless of whether they are large or small. Setting up an automated workflow to a client’s requirement is what we do well.

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