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DP600 Solution

DP600 Solution

Replace your E.O.L. DP600 with Engine


Designed for cable, satellite, IPTV, terrestrial TV, radio, and post-production facilities, the DP600 offers a file-based workflow solution for loudness correction, audio conversion, and upmixing. The DP600 enables encoding, decoding, conversion, and transcoding between various Dolby formats. These formats include Dolby Digital, Dolby Digital Plus, and Dolby E bitstreams.

With the DP600 being heavily integrated into broadcast media supply chains, when it was announced by Dolby in 2014 that the DP600 would be E.O.L, it created a scenario where broadcasters either had to update their workflows or risk a loss of transmission when their DP600 fails. A mistake that many broadcasters cannot afford.

This has led to many broadcasters needing to update their media supply chains. Since the creation of the DP600 the media world has increasingly adopted a file-based supply chain instead of the older hardware-based approach. This however left a hole in the media supply chain where broadcasters required a software-based approach to their Dolby Encoding and Decoding.




Emotion Systems recognises the challenges faced when finding a replacement for the Dolby DP600. Offered as a series of modules inside Engine – Emotion Systems offer a DP600 bundle package. This group of modules acts as the complete DP600 replacement, enabling the broadcaster to seamlessly move from their DP600 knowing they will get like for like results using Engine.



Solution Overview

Modules Offered: 

  • Dolby E Encoding – Emotion Systems encoding module, supports all program configurations
  • Dolby E Decoding - Emotion Systems decoding modules, supports all program configurations
  • Dolby E Guard Band Correction – Corrects any guard band errors that could result in asynchronous audio and video etc.
  • File Manipulation – allows the growth or reduction of audio channels within your media files. Necessary for any upmix or downmix process.


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The benefits of using Emotion Systems DP600 Replacement bundle are as follows:

  • Up-to-date product in support
  • Software-based solution.
  • Opportunity to scale up the system and incorporate DP600 signal processing modules into larger workflows.
  • Capacity to automate and run 8 jobs at a time.
  • Faster than real-time.




Implementation is simple. Engine is an app, so it is as simple as downloading the application and creating the necessary workflows.

Please follow this link to find out about Engines hardware requirements.



Support is included as part of the purchase and must be renewed each year. Support allows you to access the latest updates as well as optional bespoke workflow creation from the team at Emotion Systems.


Where can I try Engine? 

Please follow this link to be set to our Download a Trial page. 


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