AWS Overview

 The AWS API is an extension to the existing Engine API. It allows an S3 Storage Path to be used to locate the media file. This webpage provides information on the extended parts of the API and should be used in conjunction with the Engine API Document for full context.


Posting an S3 Path

An additional tag can be added to the File and Report tags called AdvancedPathInfo. This allow additional information to be added about the Path and ReportPath and how they should be resolved. For AWS S3 Paths the AwsS3PathInfo tag is used. The path type is specified in the AwsS3PathType tag. The following options are supported:



And additional tag AwsS3RegionType is needed when using AWS_S3_PATH_URI to specify the AWS Region. The following regions are supported:

  • us-east-2 [US East (Ohio)] 
  • us-east-1 [US East (N. Virginia)] 
  • us-west-1 [US West (N. California)]
  • us-west-2 [US West (Oregon)] 
  • af-south-1 [Africa (Cape Town)] 
  • ap-east-1 [Asia Pacific (Hong Kong)] 
  • ap-southeast-3 [Asia Pacific (Jakarta)] 
  • ap-south-1 [Asia Pacific (Mumbai)] 
  • ap-northeast-3 [Asia Pacific (Osaka)] 
  • ap-northeast-2 [Asia Pacific (Seoul)] 
  • ap-southeast-1 [Asia Pacific (Singapore)] 
  • ap-southeast-2 [Asia Pacific (Sydney)] 
  • ap-northeast-1 [Asia Pacific (Tokyo)] 
  • ca-central-1 [Canada (Central)] 
  • eu-central-1 [Europe (Frankfurt)] 
  • eu-west-1 [Europe (Ireland)] 
  • eu-west-2 [Europe (London)] 
  • eu-south-1 [Europe (Milan)] 
  • eu-west-3 [Europe (Paris)] 
  • eu-north-1 [Europe (Stockholm)] 
  • me-south-1 [Middle East (Bahrain)] 
  • sa-east-1 [South America (São Paulo)]

An example of a job posts with S3 Paths can be found in Appendix B -Posting a S3 Virtual Hosted URL Path Example XML and Appendix C - Posting a S3 URI Path Example XML.


Appendix A - Job POST with S3 XML Schema
Appendix B -Posting a S3 Virtual Hosted URL Path Example XML
Appendix C - Posting a S3 URI Path Example XML


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