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File-based audio automation tools that help you...

Emotion Systems

The audio automation experts

We take repetitive audio processing tasks out of the edit suite and automate them, leaving you with more time and money for creative work.

Our professional audio software looks after the file-based audio processing workflows in your media supply chain, deskilling and automating these jobs so that you benefit from economies of scale. Plus, our team is renowned for exceptional customer service.

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Audio software solutions for efficient distribution

Our purpose is to support the distribution of content for media and entertainment companies. We create products that make it easier to comply with loudness, accessibility and localisation requirements and prepare multiple versions of your content for:

  • Broadcast delivery
  • Online delivery
  • Movie distribution
  • Localisation
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The benefits

  • Reduce production costs
  • Deliver high volumes with limitless scalability
  • Automate consistently repeatable workflows
  • Maintain your content’s creative integrity
  • Support any standard, new or legacy
  • Easy to use
  • Fully supported by the programme developers

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Some of our media & entertainment customers

Our products keep your production moving forward

With our products, you can stop spending valuable editing time dealing with tedious tasks like audio channel mapping and loudness compliance. Once your audio has been mixed and your programme has been mastered, you can create the multiple versions needed for all the required deliverables from automated software running in the control room, rather than having to go back into the edit suite.

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This desktop tool is used to measure and correct the loudness of individual files.

Ideally suited for low volume applications, Eff can be set up with a watch folder, enabling you to leave it unattended to process up to 20 hours of content per day.

Take a look at Eff

Eff ES

A scalable product that includes all the loudness features of Eff, but with much wider capabilities made available as optional modules.

Engine has comprehensive automation capabilities including multiple watch folders, a ReST API for MAM integration and API facilities that can processes high volumes of content per day. Engine can also be completely virtualised in the cloud.

Take a look at Engine

Eff ES

A desktop application designed for ingest operators and QC. Its extensive audio monitoring capabilities make it an ideal tool for verifying content.

With multiple listening modes, loudness timeline (using an external XML file) and in-built decoder, Eve makes the challenge of confirming the media file is as it should be, easier than ever before.

Take a look at Eve

Ready for next-level audio automation?

Save time and money by automating your non-creative audio processes and ensuring loudness compliance with our leading products, Engine and Eff.

Streamline your QC process and start verifying your audio content using Eve.

The Swiss Army Knife of Audio Automation

We’re 100% focused on audio and, with our software development and R&D expertise, we can support any audio standard and provide just about every type of non-creative audio processing you can think of.

Our applications can be used individually or combined into bespoke workflows – all while maintaining the creative integrity of your end product.

Some of the services that leading broadcasters, networks and post-production facilities trust our products to deliver include:

Loudness compliance

Emotion’s trusted solutions ensure that your content’s integrated loudness falls within the required broadcast loudness standards without compromising the audio experience. Our software is compatible with a range of LUFS standards including EBU R128, BS1770 and ATSC A/85.

Audio channel mapping & muting

We make it easy to provide playout centres with their preferred channel layout. Swap, duplicate, mute or move channels individually or remap them as groups in mono, stereo or 5.1 surround sound using our flexible and easy-to-use tools.

Stereo to 5.1 upmix & downmix

We’ve incorporated the leading upmix technology into our toolset so you can upmix stereo content to 5.1 surround sound without reverting to the original master or returning to the edit suite. Our downmix algorithm offers an adaptive EQ and ambience mode to optimise your conversion.

Audio standards conversion with pitch correction

We treat video and audio separately when converting media from one frame rate to another. This approach to audio standards conversion for broadcast helps avoid the artefacts commonly associated with the conversion process.

Dolby E encoder & decoder

To solve the potential issues of working with Dolby E in a file-based environment, we’ve developed specific Dolby E encoder, Dolby E decoder, Dolby E guard band correction and loudness compliance applications.

Normalize audio for playout

Easily convert your input formats into the required standard type needed for playout using our entirely automated process. Increasing the number of channels, loudness correction, Dolby E encoding and duplicating channels can all be included in this workflow.

We’re a team of industry experts that specialise in audio automation.

While we understand the entire content supply chain, our sole focus is on helping you prepare the audio component of your content for distribution. And, because we’re small and highly specialised, we can pivot to solve new problems and deliver results quickly. Our products are flexible, easy to use and easy to integrate into any workflow or processing pipeline, and we’re always on hand to help our customers in any way we can.

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About Emotion Systems

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Ready to discover the benefits of audio automation?

Download a free trial of Eff, Engine or Eve now to increase efficiency, reduce post-production costs and simplify the distribution of your content.

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